How to Extend Your TeamViewer Free Trial

So, you really love teamviewer, but hate to pay for it, because you are a tight-fisted cheapskate. Well, worry no more, because now you can get another 30 days out of it by just changing your computer’s network address and restarting teamviewer.   The first thing is you need to be using a BroadCom adapter or some adapter that allows “Locally Administered” addresses. If you don’t have that, you can always use an add-on that will override your Mac Address. Such as the Technitium Mac Address Changer.

You Are Blocked

Why You Should Not Try to Cheat TeamViewer Every 30 Days

By doing this you are cheating a lot of hard working people who are very clever and have figured out how to run a multi-billion dollar service business while also handing out free services.  They are nice people and work very hard. Plus they are smarter than you, and are much more generous, and are a pet friendly work-place. Finally, I must point out that people who cheat teamviewer are scoundrels and lowlife who will have to answer to their maker for their transgressions in life.

Here’s How to Do It

Step 1: Exit from teamviewer, kill all remote access processes. Use the icon in the task bar to exit completely.  In your windows Control Panel, find the Add/Remove programs menu, then locate TeamViewer, use the Add/Remove to Remove TeamViewer completely, along with it’s settings.  Then remove all assocated files from “C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer” and %appdata%

Step 2: Goto Network and Sharing Center on your computer, then find your ethernet adapter and change it’s properties. Do this by right clicking on the adapter and choosing “Properties”

Press the Configure Button

Step 3: Change your Network Address

Device Properties Page

Step 4: Save it, then wait a few minutes while the network restarts

Use this website to make a new mac address up randomly. Then drop it in here. Press OK.

Change the “Network Address” or “Locally Administered Address”

Step 5: Finally, reinstall TeamViewer, then enable unattended access.

The key to cheating teamviewer into another free trial is to completely scrub your computer of any teamviewer artifacts and change the mac address, and then reinstall it.




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