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IT Solutions, Website Design and Development, Managed Services in California

Website Design Company and Development Professionals Right Here in Orange County

Our Orange County based website design, development and hosting company has over 15 years of experience building websites for both business and personal use. We got our start in the early 1990’s tinkering with crude handbuilt websites, then advanced along with the state of the art into beautiful artistic and dynamic designs based on modern content management (CMS) technologies such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. All of our website designs are are tailor made for each customer’s requirements, starting with the selection of a CMS theme. Our design philosophy is to craft a statement or message that the customer wants to convey, then choose a CMS template, finally, develop the content to fit the template and message. Our website designs offer a high level of perfection that performs as well as look beautiful. Additionally, our designs are flexible and easy enough that customers can take over their websites once we finish and maintain them with minimal technical knowledge.

Managed IT Solutions To Fit Your Business

Is the cost of running your own IT department eating into your profits? Do you wish to eliminate some of your non-essential IT department employees to reduce your HR burden? Or, are you an MSP customer already? Is your existing MSP IT service provider sending gig economy trunk slammers to service your requests? Eleven Dimensions Technologies is your alternative to high IT department costs and bad MSP service for small and medium sized business in Southern California. We offer a variety of specialty services including custom software, ecommerce and website design and rollouts, low voltage wiring, voice and data installation, business phone systems, such as Shoretel and Avaya Partner ACS, as well as creative services such as real estate photography. We have many years of experience in Magento ecommerce design and rollouts. Plus we are experts with Shopify and BigCommerce.  We can build your online shop, with payment processing, and responsive themes for a very low price.  Some of our other services include email services such as email security services, email hosting, outlook archive repair and recovery. We also offer data recovery from any kind of computer. We can recover dead Apple MacBooks and rescue the data from the disks using our innovative Ubuntu recovery machine.  We are also a Shoretel dealer and installer, and offer great prices for ongoing maintenance and service for existing systems. Perhaps it’s time to fire your old PBX dealer and get a new one. Our rates for onsite Shoretel service is as little as $95/hour.   Call or text our tech support department at  (949)371-5079 or our sales department at (949)613-5113 for a free over the phone consultation.

Free Security and Compliance Consultation

IT Consultingmanaged computer services

Outsource and reduce your inhouse I.T. department to save vast sums of money. Outsource your office IT staff to a managed IT service provider with proven track record. We can maintain your IT infrastructure on a part time basis with no need for expensive onsite staff, health insurance or fringe benefits. Upgrade your service from Break/Fix to MSP for proactive service, not reactive service.

RESPONSIVE ECOMMERCEEcommerce online product sales.

Ecommerce applications that work on all devices, from desktops to handheld, are what drives sales in 2019. Cloud based solutions such as Shopify are killing the competition. build out or maintain your online shop. We are experts in Magento, Shopify and wordpress’ BigCommerce. Additionally, we can leverage the power of affiliate marketing to grow your online sales.

GRAPHIC ARTS AND PHOTOGRAPHYcustom graphics arts for the web

Eleven Dimensions Technologies has graphic arts professionals on staff who can craft logos, clip art, banners or any other image for your website project. Call us to find out how we do it. High quality graphic arts are what keeps users on your website, on the other hand, excessive graphic arts can slow down your website and reduce its load times to a crawl, thus scaring away your visitors.

DIGITAL SIGNAGEMotivate and Inform

We can build and install custom digital signage to motivate and inspire your inside sales and marketing professionals. We can develop custom displays to report live sales and marketing activity and show them to your inside sales dept. We can build solutions that simply inform your visitors with up to the date info.

Software Developmentnative binary and .net applications

Let Eleven Dimensions Technologies design and build your next great application. We can also reverse engineer your competitors applications and help you get a leg up on them. We are experts in everything from assembly, to high level .net programming environments. We also specialize in software security to prevent hackers from stealing your application.

STRUCTURED WIRINGvoice and data cabling

installation of voice and data cabling using the latest in EIA568 wiring standards combined with state of the art wifi networks. We are also a reseller for TPX, Cox and Spectrum and can secure great rates on voice and data services.

Information SystemsSecurity

Computer and network security services and consulting are one of our specialty offerings. We can consult and advise your company on everything from security training programs for your employees, to regular penetration testing and testing your employees. Plus we can advise on software security. Information systems security is often a required part of most compliance programs such as HIPAA.


Don’t wait for a HIPAA audit to happen or an employee to accidentally cause a HIPAA violation. Information systems, policies, controls, and training are at the heart of a good HIPAA compliance program. Eleven Dimensions Technologies can help you start a HIPAA compliance program in your office.


IT Consulting Services In Orange County


11D is a full service website design company. We can design and develop your online ecommerce web application, your business website, your desktop application or your mobile device application to your specifications. Our team of local and offshore software developers has the expertise to do anything, we specialize in ecommerce design and development and can build your Magento or Shopify online shop faster and cheaper than anyone. We are also able to build your Shopify site, and teach you to maintain it. We offer ongoing maintenance services for Magento and Shopify as well. Pricing from $450 for a shopify site to $1500 for a Magento site and $300 for a WordPress site. We will do all of the design and implementation work right here in Orange County.  Don’t trust your website design business to a trunk slammer.


Every website needs attractive and alluring stock photography to draw in the reader and keep his attention. Your landing page should show your best images or your leads will not stick around. Our practice is to choose relevant stock photography that shows people in similar situations such as office settings, real estate settings or outdoor activities.  Generally, we use stock photos, although we can shoot our own if needed.   We also optimize by compressing the images to make your website load fast.  We are experts are crafting alluring eye candy, and adapting it to fit both desktop and mobile devices.  We can create sliders for your site using our own custom slider code, or can use stock sliders such as Revolution.  Logos are also needed for your new website, we can chime in on that too. We can craft eye catching gradients for your site, eye catching graphics and turn your stock photos into your own web site show case. Pricing from $75/hour for offsite development. We have partered up with a great graphic artist to offer alluring business logo designs to our customers.

Break/Fix On Demand Computer Repair and Upgrades

If you are a small business in Orange County or any other part of Southern California, you may not feel you require much in the way of IT support, especially if everything is running fine. Why pay for a costly monthly MSP retainer when your MSP company never does anything most of the time. They just seem to collect payments on a regular basis. Your MSP may appear to be a parasite, and not an IT Consulting Company at all. However, when you do need computer repairs, you might very likely want it immediately. Unfortunately, the last minute is not the best time to start investigating and establishing relationships with quality IT service or computer repair providers. Stay ahead of your breakdowns by ensuring that no matter what scenario you face, help is just a couple of keystrokes away. Call us and and get in our address book, and let us get familiar with your computer systems so repairs will be faster.  See our detailed price list here.

Restaurant Point of Sale (POS)

Ask any retailer, “What is a point of sale system?” and they’ll tell you—it’s the central component of their business; the hub where everything merges. That’s just a top level answer from your average retail manager. To be specific, a POS for a restaurant is quite different from other retail POS system. Restaurant POS is composed of register screens that employees use to register sales, barcode scanners, credit card readers, reciept printers, cash drawers, kitchen printers, and kitchen displays, along with an interface for reporting sales data. The POS is a critical piece of equipment, that when it fails, can be a show stopper. Eleven Dimensions Technologies has partnered up with a POS specialist to offer the following products: Dinerware, pcAmerica Cash Register Express, Tallysoft, Heartland Restaurant POS ( formerly Mobile Bytes for iPad), while we don’t deal in the biggest POS out there, NEC’s Aloha systems, we can assure you that our offerings are better than Aloha. POS for a non restaurant is similar, but would not a kitchen printers and displays. Furthermore, the register screens for retail POS are quite different. It is worth noting that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a retail POS edition for non-restaurant operations.

Computer Security, Training and Compliance

We focus on network and computer security to help your company stay safe from unseen bad actors out there on the internet who will hold your company’s assets hostage for some bitcoin. Compliance with existing standards such as HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, and DoD, along with best IT practices is how we can keep your company safe, secure and compliant. See our HIPAA checklist.


we are a local southern california computer services company that can be much more responsive and attentive than the distant east coast company that you are using now. the dirty industry secret is that many large east coast computer service companies rely on part time “gig economy” contractors for your services. We offer low rates for onsite services usually $95/hour for Orange County locations. We offer onsite and remote Office365 repair and upgrades, in-house or self hosted Exchange Server maintenance and upgrades. We are experts at Outlook, Quickbooks, and Adobe products. We can maintain and manage who offices full of Windows 7 and Windows 10 desktops, along with Apple Macintosh systems in a mixed environment. Services from $95/hour, onsite in Orange County.


Structured Cabling is the foundation of your business network; it connects all your servers, computers, and other network devices together and enables voice, data, and multimedia traffic to be routed worldwide. It is one of the most commonly overlooked, but most important parts of your network infrastructure. It is often left to electricians to install along side regular wiring. It is often completely forgotton about, and then has to be installed after the business moves into their space. “Structured” simply means that the wiring is all planned well in advance, and is all terminated into a central wiring closet, using standardized wiring supports and mounts. We can install your computer and telephone network using the latest in network standards. don’t settle for anything less than shielded CAT6A wiring for your new network. 11D does not install CAT5 anymore, we have moved on to CAT6 and CAT6A. We install all wiring in accordance with US National Electrical Code and US Fire codes too. Our low rates can’t be beaten. Typically $75/drop.

IT Consulting and Custom Software Development

At 11D, our approach to IT consulting is different than the competition; we provide highly specialized engineering resources to small and medium-sized businesses. Because companies of this size do not typically have a need or a budget for a full-time specialist, like a dedicated network engineer or Microsoft expert, we offer solutions that completely fulfills this need. As your Managed Services provider, we deliver reliable IT support for your entire network. We can eliminate the need for an internal IT department because you can depend on our 24/7 network monitoring, fixed fee pricing and a proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure with IT management from 11D Technologies. We offer monthly MSP retainer packages from $400/month on up. Contact us for a free evaluation.  We have written some great blog entries about our successes with custom software.

CRM Software Design and Development

Customer Relations Module (CRM) is a rapidly exploding market that is also very mature and full of competent players. Clearly the winner and market leader is Salesforce which has revolutionized the SAS market, and has paved the way for other SAS verticals. Many of the other big CRMs have gone SAS too, they realized that they could not survive by selling software and allowing people to buy their product and use it forever. One example is Sage ACT. Sage ACT was strictly a desktop application for many years, then it was bought out by swiftpage which quickly moved toward a SAS model, and then invalidated all of Sage customers software activations, and refused to reactivate old software bought from Sage, as a result, customers had to make a choice, pay for new SAS licensing, annually or go somewhere else. Microsoft has their Dynamics CRM platform, which was a self hosted server/client web application from 2007 to 2017, customers could download and install on their own servers and customize it all they wanted. Now Microsoft is moving toward a SAS Office365 model. There is also ZOHO, which has firmly moved SAS already. On the other hand there still are free CRMs out there. The number 1 open source completely free CRM is Vtiger CRM, offered alongside it’s paid SAS version.  It’s really loaded over the top of SugarCRM, the other big free CRM out there.  So, you can have it both ways. Eleven Dimensions Technologies has many years of experience designing and developing CRM solutions for small and midsize business. We have observed the cost of development go down over the years to as little as $25/hour for software developer time, while the cost of running a CRM has steadily gone up with increasing montly per user prices. There are quite literally hordes of software experts out there, all over the world, most with skills to develop for any platform.

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