A Perfect Landing Page is very important because it’s the first page that your potential customers will see,  once they land on it, they may walk away immediately of there is nothing impressive about it, or it appears to be a difficult or old-skool website.

The easier it is to navigate through your site, search, and buy products, the more you will be able to convert potential leads to actual sales. These consumers are also likely to exhibit brand loyalty with time. If you are experiencing less traffic on your website despite the fact that your products and services are some of the best in the market, it is time to fine tune your product landing pages to make them perform better.

10 Tips for Building the Perfect Product Landing Page for Your Website

Here are some tips for creating the perfect product landing page for your e-commerce website.

  1. Be Consistent

Try to maintain consistency throughout all the pages of your website, including the product pages. The user experience must not fluctuate from one page to another or from one device to another. Suppose, you make a cleaner design for the desktop view but do not spend an equal amount of effort for the mobile version, you will definitely lose out on leads. Furthermore, design the product pages of the less popular items with the same zeal as the popular ones. The layout and content of the less popular products must not be lacking in any manner.

  1. Design it for Mobile and Handheld Devices First

Apart from creating a fully responsive site for desktop, the current scenario makes it mandatory for the website to have a mobile-optimized design. The product image galleries must be fine-tuned for easy navigation and viewing on a mobile phone. As a matter of fact, according to Statista, 52.2 percent of the global website traffic comes from mobile phones.

Therefore, incorporate product images in the slider and enable the zoom feature, allowing visitors to see the details. Furthermore, all the product information that was included in the desktop site must also be present on the mobile site. These small details make for a perfect product landing page.

  1. Include a Call to Action (CTA)

Calls to Action are essential for creating a perfect product landing page. The “Add to Cart” CTA must be prominently displayed on the product landing page to subtly push the customer into making the purchase. Apart from that, you can also add a “Buy Now” CTA to provide the customers with a shortcut to buy multiple products at the same time, without going into the many levels of the purchasing process.  A Call to Action button can also lead to the Contact Us form, or to a Call Us Now page.

  1. Enhance Readability

Apart from the web design, you must also maintain consistency in the text content of your e-commerce website. Therefore, all the product copies must be written in simple English which can be understood by all. Refrain from using flowery language and complex words as it decreases the overall readability of the copy.

Always remember to break the whole text down into several paragraphs, as this helps the reader focus on the information better. A concise and well-written message should be placed on top of the page and a more detailed description must appear near the bottom of the page. No one wants a barrage of information thrown at them as soon as they visit a product landing page. A picture of the product should also be prominently displayed near the upper part of the page.

  1. Include Relevant Information

Providing relevant product information helps in creating a perfect product landing page as it helps the customers make informed buying decisions. The various specifications of the product must be displayed clearly and the reviews – positive and negative – for the same must not be hidden. If your product is bad, the customers will find out about it somewhere or the other from the Internet.

  1. Convey the Story of Your Brand

Direct and crusty copy does not have much impact on the customer. Therefore, you will have to find out unique ways to convey the story of brand an interesting way. Telling the brand story can be carried out both directly as well as subtly. Subtle details like the way you write the product copy and the icons you use on the website can refer to the brand and convey its core motto. More obvious ways to tell the brand story include the overall writing style of the e-commerce website.

  1. Include Returns and Shipping Information

Apart from the product description, the shipping and returns copy receives quite some attention and must contain updated information and all the relevant details. A majority of the customers these days expect free shipping from e-commerce sites. So, if you levy shipping charge for those making purchases under a minimum order amount, then make sure that you justify it in detail to your customers. At the end of the day, all your customers want is reassurance that they will be able to return a product they cannot use in exchange for an item of their choice.

  1. Organize Content According to Priority

All the products on your website are like your prized show cats – you love them all and would like to highlight each and every one of them. However, you must keep in mind that the new customers who are visiting your site for the first time, may not be interested to read a lot of detailed information. Therefore, it is important to prioritize which content is the most relevant and organize them so as to optimize conversion. Do your research well and place the key points about the product that most of your customers are interested in, in the description. Place the less relevant information further down the page. You can also create a separate and more detailed information page for interested customers.

    9. Showcase your contact information

Make it easy for your customers or potential customers to contact you. Provide a phone number with a live body to answer it, or a contact form that is monitored. Your customer will feel more comfortable doing business with your site, if they know a live body can be quickly summoned.

   10. Show your best eye candy clip art

Show a prominent banner or clip art of people doing things that your customer can identify with.

In Conclusion

Creating a perfect product landing page is not costly, but can increase your profits significantly. As stated at the very beginning of the article, it is the details that matter, and they can make a landing page informative as well as beautiful. Simplicity and quality are what you should be aiming for.

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